50 Shades Developments

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invest prosper enjoy

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50 Shades Developments

invest prosper enjoy

invest prosper enjoy

invest prosper enjoyinvest prosper enjoyinvest prosper enjoy

Property Investment & Management 


Property Investment & Management 




We have always taken great pride in our high business ethics as well as an ability to adapt during changing market conditions. 

Clearly, the entire world is currently facing a huge challenge resulting from the COVID-19 

(Corona Virus) pandemic which is rapidly spreading globally. The health of our staff, contractors and clients at this time must take priority above everything else. 

Our office team is working from home, however with the unique way that we have structured our business and construction crews, we are indeed still one of the few construction companies that are still fully operational on site as our teams live and work on site. 

We have put strict measures in place for deliveries and external contact from 3rd parties at each project and have thus effectively created a micro-quarantine effect per site, thus still enabling us to keep each project running as smoothly as possible and to schedule.

Our investors receive weekly updates per site and payment schedules have not been effected in any way and neither has our ROI changed...our investors who were earning 18% ROI last month are STILL earning 18% ROI this month. 

Fifty Shades Developments wish you and your families health at this time.

Click on the link below to follow the progress and any important updates for each project.

Working in proud partnership with 

BSR Global Group Limited

Innovation is our Power


Fifty Shades Developments are based in Poland 

and rank amongst 

Europe's premier property development organisations, 

with a  proven track record for providing our clients exceptional rates of return.

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Our Services


Real Estate Done Right

Nervous about your property adventure? Don’t be. With crowdfunding, whether you're just getting started on the road to property development, getting ready to buy or sell, in the middle of it, or just looking for some answers, our top-notch skills ensure you get the best experience possible. It’s what we love to do.


Commercial, Residential, and Rentals

Large or small, condo or mansion, we can find it and get it for you at the price that's right. Fixer-uppers? Luxury? We can help with all of it. We always have a current list of available properties for you to check out.


Rely on Expertise

If you have questions about affordability, credit, legal matters, or income, trust us to find you what you need fast. We make sure you feel confident and educated every step of the way.  

Investment Options


Small group investments

Land Aquisition & business developments

Personal Renovation Investments

Peer to Peer investments 

with high rewards over a short term, 

investing in apartments for the 

Polish resale & rental market.


Personal Renovation Investments

Land Aquisition & business developments

Personal Renovation Investments

No risk personal investments renovating existing properties with a more hands on approach. Either keep your property long term, rent or sell it - the choice is yours. 


Land Aquisition & business developments

Land Aquisition & business developments

Land Aquisition & business developments

Large capital investments acquiring land for developing either residential or commercial premises. Options are available for long term property management, EU funding and grants. 


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Fifty Shades Developments

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