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This page is only for those paying with a US Dollar Debit / Credit Card. If your card is in EURO please click the link below..

Euro Payments

Welcome to the first step on your road to obtaining EU Citizenship via our 'Foreign Workers Visa Programme'.

You can use the card payment form below to pay for your visa in full, or remit the initial deposit as well as settling any outstanding balance due on your account.

We do not process Debit / Credit Card payments internally, payments will be completed by our partner 'Stripe'.

The 'Stripe' card processing system ensures that our clients card details are fully protected during the transaction with the latest encryption techniques whilst also complying with 3D card authentication

Please complete the 'Payment Receipt' form so that a member of our can send you a confirmation email. Once we have received payment, we will immediately begin the application process on your behalf.

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Foreign Workers Visa Payments

The cost of our 'Foreign Workers Visa Programme' is $2,725, which includes; translating your documents to Polish, application submission, securing a guaranteed job offer, sourcing accommodation in Poland as well as our 'meet and greet' package.

These fees can be paid in two stages with an initial deposit of $1,210 followed by a final payment of $1,515 once we have prepared your application. Alternatively, you may choose to make one single payment for the full amount due.

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Complete Payment $2,725

Initial Deposit Payment $1,210

Final Stage Payment $1,515

Work Permit Payments

Our Work Permit only option requires a one-time payment of $665 which includes translating your documents and submitting your Work Permit application here in Poland. We will also provide you with a Job Offer Letter.

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Work Permit Only $665

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