Corporate Overview

Fifty Shades Developments are based in Poland and rank amongst Europe’s premier property development organisations, with a proven track record for providing our clients exceptional rates of return (ROI).

We are the sole developer, believing in offering clients simple, straightforward property investments, first hand.

Our team internally manage all project phases from initial land or building acquisition, design, permit approval right through to construction and project completion.

We purchase apartments, houses and office complexes at auction for drastically reduced prices before renovating these properties to a level that suits the rental market. These are leased, establishing an ongoing income stream, or presented for resale should it be deemed beneficial to our investors.

Our business model specifically targets fast turnaround projects with final units aimed at young professionals, student accommodation and first-time buyers. Sectors that are not only demonstrating huge growth in Poland but also historically return the highest investor profits.

Refurbishments are undertaken by our skilled workforce to a defined company specification with standardisation of kitchen and bathroom areas. This reduces overall costs and maximises profitability, yet still results in desirable modern living.

We specifically target suburban areas and Tier 2 cities for projects where development sites are in much lower demand, offering favourable purchase conditions.

Ultimately, when complete, delivering affordable and extremely stylish, fully furnished apartments, suitable as rental properties designed with our intended audience in mind.

Our leisure division specialises in building recreational resorts that harness Poland’s natural beauty as well as abundance of outdoor pursuits. Whilst our rental management team offer an extensive range of landlord services with highly competitive fees.

Investor funds we receive are never lent out to any third parties, we prefer everything to be clear and transparent with no “middle man” nor hidden fees.

We cooperate with international investors of any scale ranging from large financial institutions and hedge funds as well as small private individuals taking their first steps into the industry.

For investors seeking portfolio diversification to increase annual yield, the time is now, and the place is Poland.

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Previous Projects

Since our inception we have successfully completed more than 54 projects returning our investors their original capital plus in-excess of 15,000,000 zł ($5.6 million) profits in the process.

This has allowed Fifty Shades to establish our own portfolio of properties which are utilised as assets when securing funding.