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invest prosper enjoy

invest prosper enjoy

invest prosper enjoyinvest prosper enjoy

What is Crowd Funding?

Our Peer-to-Peer Investment Programme

Want to get started investing in property in Poland but don't want any high risks? 

Then a group investment with a very low risk is for you. Start earning today!

We at Fifty Shades Developments are the sole developer. We belive in simple, straightforward property investments, first hand. We don't lend your money out to third parties, everything is clear and transparent, there is no "Middle Man", we don't have any hidden fees or charges** and the best part is that we always welcome a visit to view any of your investments at any time. Once your account is set up with us, we send you weekly updates and progress reports regarding your chosen investment.


Its so simple! We do all the hard work for you. We buy the apartments and houses at auction for drastically reduced prices, calculate the costs and renovate these properties to a level that suits the rental market and then rent them out to create an ongoing income stream or resell them should it be beneficial to our investors.


With the Peer-to-Peer Investment Programme, there are many people investing all the time and therefore there is strength in numbers. We can purchase new apartments every month and thus create a steady income for the whole Peer-to-Peer Programme. 

Your money starts making money from day one! You can start with very small investments and work your way up to larger sums or purchase private property investments just on your own, the choice is yours! You can also add to your initial lump sum at any time. Your investment is guaranteed by a property lien once you make your investment. 

The interest from your investment can be paid monthly or quarterly. This is a taxable income so please consult with an advisor in your own country. After the fixed term, you can choose to withdraw your investment sum or re-invest it in another development project with us.

Have a few more questions? Read our FAQs or call us to discuss your property or investment requirements.

**Please be aware that third party companies such as PayPal or your bank may charge you a fee.