Frequently Asked Questions

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We firmly believe in transparency when co-operating with investment partners. Our ideology in business is based upon 'integrity' and 'honesty' during all stages of the process.

Below are some of the common questions we have received from investors over the years and the straightforward answers we have given.

If your specific question is not answered here then please feel free to contact our Admin team who will be more than happy to assist you.

Once you have made an investment, you receive a 'Secured Debt Note' or what is also called a 'Lien' or 'Mortgage' against the one of the properties owned by Fifty Shades Developments. These are valid for the duration of the investment term and cover 100% of the funds you invested.

Like any Mortgage or Lien these are official legally binding documents stamped by a certified notary here in Poland and offer investors total protection for their funds.

Should you not receive the promised profit payments or the funds you originally invested with us at the end of the investment term, then you have the right to force the sale of the property. Similarly, we cannot sell the property without your consent.

Utilising property assets in this manner for securing loans or investments is common practice in Poland. The rules for granting such mortgages as well as the legal rights of investors are fully protected under Polish law.

The ‘Land and Mortgages Registers’ Act of 1982 (which was amended in February 2011) covers the provision of a mortgage and how it is registered.

A mortgage is a legally binding document controlled by the district court having jurisdiction. The law dictates that any mortgage issued must be registered with the court and entered into a national electronic database.

The responsibility of issuing the mortgage documentation rests with a Public Notary who must check the ownership status, existing encumbrances as well as the official tax valuation of the property being used as collateral.

The Polish ‘Code for Civil Procedure’ defines collection of mortgages and debits.

Polish law recognises three forms of special proceedings, which aim to enforce debt collection both efficiently as well as quickly, namely; Summons Proceedings, Summary Proceedings and Simplified Proceedings

There are a number of international law firms operating in Poland who can assist. The legal costs, of circa a few thousand dollars, associated to the collection process must be paid by us as the borrower.

This might all sound complicated or even daunting, yet as the law states it is in reality designed to be extremely fast and easy for the lender.

A local lawyer acting on behalf of the lender can serve the required court documents, which will include a copy of the notarised mortgage, in a matter of hours.

The court will then automatically issue an ‘Enforcement Title’ which enables the mortgage beneficiary to either take ownership of the property or sell it at public auction.

This legal process is completed by the court without the owner who granted the mortgage even needing to be present during the proceedings.

If the lender elects to auction the property then this will be handled by the court on their behalf and is normally completed within a few weeks.

However, please do not just take our word for it. Below are two links to independent reports prepared by third-party law firms that are in no way connected to Fifty Shades Developments. We merely downloaded these documents from the internet ourselves as a useful resource for investors.

Fifty Shades Developments issue all investors with a receipt for any funds they deposit us. These are official invoices and are approved by the local tax office here in Poland. They will show how much tax has been paid, who paid that tax and when.

These documents may of course be verified with the local tax office in order to confirm their validity.

We fall under the tax jurisdiction of Urząd Skarbowy Bystrzyca Kłodzka, from where you can find out more information about our VAT status and up to date tax affairs, including following up any tax payments made on behalf of investors.

Although Poland is a member of the European Union (EU) we never joined the 'Euro Zone'. Instead we retained our own currency the Polish Złoty (PLN).

Under Polish tax laws companies are only allowed to issue official invoices in Złoty and therefore our local tax office will not approve invoices in any other currency.

We are able to issue 'Pro-Forma' invoices and investment contracts in your preferred currency enabling you to transfer funds. However, when funds are received, they will automatically be converted into Polish Złoty prior to us giving you the final official invoice approved by our local tax office.

No, absolutely not. If we were operating as a sole proprietor then we would not have the NIP and REGON numbers.

Under Corporate Polish Law the person who owns the company is legally responsible for its operation, taxation and debts (as with most countries). However, where Poland differs is that this responsibility continues even after the company has been closed or ceased trading.

Therefore, the name of the liable person is always included within the full company name here in Poland.

This is actually a very positive point for investors because if Fifty Shades Developments were to close for any reason the person, Julianna Strocka, is still legally responsible for all investor’s funds held on account.

Investors can view our company registration documents any time on-line at the official Polish Government website (CEIDG).

Fifty Shades Developments, Julianna Strocka, is VAT registered company based in Poland.


We can provide balance sheets, however, due to obvious confidentiality issues we cannot show any investor information or how much they have invested.

It is also possible for anybody undertaking due diligence to contact our local tax office and obtain financial data about the company.

The great thing about our investment platform is the flexibility it offers investors, you are in control and can choose terms that best suit you. We offer you the choice of Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual profit payments.

If you select the Quarterly Bi-Annual or Annual option then your interest will be accrued over the period selected which will greatly increase your Return On Investment (ROI).

The original funds that you invested will be returned in full at the end of the investment period.

We are proud to present 'Flexible Investing For All' whereby we are equally willing to work with small investors via our own unique P2P Platform as well as larger investors.

P2P Platform

With our P2P Platform the minimum amount that you can invest is 500 ZŁ (Polish Zloty) or equivalent in your preferred currency with a minimum term of twelve (12) months.

We are always working on several projects at the same time, therefore, we have no upper limit on how much you can invest.

Larger Investors

Our larger investments start at €100,000 and range right up to €20,000,000 with a minimum investment term of twelve (12) months.

For those wishing to invest larger amounts naturally we are prepared to negotiate terms to suit, please feel free to contact us with your exact requirements.

P2P Platform

Our P2P Platform offers standard Rates of Return which are based on how much you choose to invest with us.

Investor ROI Table

Larger Investors

For those wishing to invest a minimum of €100,000 we are prepared to negotiate terms to suit, please feel free to contact us with your exact requirements.

The minimum investment term is twelve (12) months. However, larger investors with a long-term strategy wishing to maximise their Return On Investment can select periods of up to 5-years.

You can use our free widget below, powered by XeConvert, to calculate how much Polish Zloty (PLN) you will receive.

We are able to accept a vast range of payment methods, our standard options include;

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Crypto-Currency
  • Digital E-Currency
  • Western Union
  • Money Gram

You can request to have your funds paid back to you at any time, however there is a small penalty charge for doing this. Please read our terms and conditions for specific details of penalty charges.