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Are you a crowdfunding platform?

No, we are not a traditional crowdfunding platform. We are the property developer & management company and we are the sole company that you would work with here in Poland should you choose to invest with us. We promote investments on our website, that we have carefully chosen ourselves, because we know the local market, we know what sells and what can make a profit for all of us. We usually renovate existing buildings or develop land for private clients who have a property investment portfolio with us. 

As a Private Portfolio Client, you choose your own investments and we project manage the process for you from A-Z.


So How does it work?

If you like one of our projects on our site, then drop us a line or register as a member. We activate your account, provide you with all the necessary paperwork and dependent on your investor status, work with you or keep you updated on your choosen projects. 

We provide a cost analysis for the development and provide you with the funding requirements needed, what your return on your investment will be and the term of the loan to us. 

We don't re-invest your money into other loans or third parties, we invest it into the property that is being developed.


So how is my money secured & what happens if the project runs late?

Once you have made an investment, you receive a secured debt note or what is called a lien against the company asset (the property) for the duration of the loan term. Should you not receive your interest payments monthly or your initial lump sum at the end of the loan term, then you have the right to force the sale of the asset. Similarly, we cannot sell the asset without your consent.

If for any reason the project is running behind schedule, we take on ALL the costs, you will still receive your interest payments and your final principal sum as per your loan agreement at the end of the term.

How Much money can i invest?

The minimum investment amount is 100zł and the maximum is uncapped. We are always working on several projects at any given time so there is never a shortage of investment opportunities.  

What currency do you work in?

Polish Złoty. 

Investments can be made in the currency of your choice, however all transfer costs, initial investments, interest payments, principal sum returns and refunds are automatically converted into złoty. It is up to you, the investor, to decide how and when to receive your principal sum after the loan term. We cannot be held responsible for fluctuations in currency conversions.


Your interest payments get paid monthly on a specific date. 

Both your monthly interest payments and your final principal sum can be paid to you via your chosen payment method, via invoice (if you are a company) or you can choose to re-invest it into another one of our projects. Please note that we do not charge you any fees for money transfers but your bank or third parties may charge you or us a fee, please check with your bank/third party provider or our office if you are unsure.


Why do I need to send you a form of id?

Before your first interest payment, we will require a copy of a form of ID. This is so that we can confirm that we are dealing with the same person that has opened an investment account with us.

What happens if I need my funds early?

You can request to have your funds paid back to you at any time, however there is a penalty charge for this. Please read your terms and conditions per investment for specific penalty percentages.

Why do you use Paypal? i want to use a different provider.

We use PayPal for small crowdfunding investments, however you may invest your money with us using whichever payment method is most cost-effective and easiest for you. All our details for transfers can be found on the members tab below.

Who is my consultant and what happens if i don't have one?

If you have been referred via a Consultant in your country then they would have given you their Consultant ID Number. 

If you haven't been referred via a Consultant then the team in the office can also answer any questions that you may have.

Why Do i need to sign SEPARATE contracts for each investment?

Each investment varies in interest rate, length of loan term and the asset address for your security lien. You may deposit a bulk sum and then decide which investments you would like to allocate a percentage of that sum into.

What is docusign?

This is the third party provider that we use to sign all contracts and agreements, it is a free service for all our Members and Consultants.