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Exclusive Members Website

We appreciate the busy lives that people lead today; investors do not want to spend time filling out complex forms or jumping through hoops. Fifty Shades Developments firmly believe in the age old saying that “time is money”.

Therefore, we have created our own unique online ‘members’ website where investors can complete the registration process and put their money to work in a just a few short minutes. Once membership has been confirmed they can monitor their portfolio and track profits in real-time as well as accessing all key documentation associated with their investment.

The website features a ‘Profile Page’ where investors can easily view their funds held with us, along with Rates of Return and payment dates for profits due. There is also an area for adding banking information, nominating the account to which we should deposit interest payments.

We secure 100% of funds invested with us by means of a ‘lien’ or ‘mortgage’ against a physical asset solely owned by Fifty Shades Developments. The notarised official legal documents for which, are uploaded to the investors account.

When investment funds are received we pay any taxation due on behalf of investors. An invoice approved by our local tax office is then added to the investors profile and acts as their receipt.

During the registration process investors are asked to provide basic personal information and contact details enabling account activation.

They should also notify us about how much they want to invest and what their preferred currency for the transaction would be.

We can accept transfers through a number of convenient methods which are accessible from the ‘Profile Page’;

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Crypto-Currency Deposits
  • International Transfer Companies

Once their application has been accepted we will issue a Pro-Forma invoice for the full investment amount along with payment instructions.

After receiving the investment funds we then upload the official invoice and tax receipt to their account while also adding in all data pertaining to Rates of Return and profit payments.

The notary process of preparing the ‘lien’ or ‘mortgage’ documentation is then undertaken. When everything is ready this too is then uploaded to the investors profile, allowing them to view all their particulars.

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