Peer-2-Peer Investment Platform

The following tables are examples of ‘Returns on Investment’ (ROI) they cover all three tiers of our unique Fifty Shades Developments platform;

  • Platform Entry Level (8%)
  • Intermediate Investment Level (12.5%)
  • High Yield Program (15%)

The investment duration for all our platform levels is a minimum of twelve (12), affording clients the opportunity to take full advantage of the exceptional interest rates we deliver, which greatly exceed the returns of other programs that our competitors are offering.

For those investors who are maybe planning for retirement or looking at the potential earnings with a more long-term view we are able to offer investment periods of up to five (5) years.

These calculations are based on the common assumption that interest will be ‘compounded’ monthly with a final single profit payment on the maturity date of the investment. This model offers investors maximum return on their funds placed in our program and increases overall profits.

However, the investors can choose to receive profit payments Quarterly, Bi-Annually or Annually at their sole discretion.

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P2P Platform Investment Levels

Return On Investment Example One

Investment - €1,000 with ROI 8% Yearly

The profit calculation is based on an investment of €1,000 with a Rate of Return (ROI) of 8% and interest compounded monthly; maximising profits.

1K Euro ROI Table 1K Euro ROI Table
1K Euro Summary Table

Return On Investment Example Two

Investment - €4,000 with ROI 12.5% Yearly

The profit calculation is based on an investment of €4,000 with a Rate of Return (ROI) of 12.5% and interest compounded monthly; maximising profits.

4K Euro ROI Table 4K Euro ROI Table
4K Euro Summary Table

Return On Investment Example Three

Investment - €10,000 with ROI 15% Yearly

The profit calculation is based on an investment of €10,000 with a Rate of Return (ROI) of 15% and interest compounded monthly; maximising profits.

10K Euro ROI Table 10K Euro ROI Table
10K Euro Summary Table

How To Register Today

The Registration Process could not be more straightforward, new investors can join our unique members website instantly. Simply follow the step-by-step process below and unlock the full potential of your money.

  1. 'Click' on the link below to access our exclusive Members Website and begin the registration process.
  2. Follow the instructions as you proceed through the registration process, you will be asked to provide basic contact information such as name, address, email etc.
  3. When you reach Step 4 - Investment Criteria you will be asked; How much you want to invest? and Your preferred currency? Please provide us with accurate information as this will determine how we categorise your investment account.
  4. Once you have completed the process our Admin Team will set-up all of the features within your investment account. When they are finished you will receive a Welcome Email telling you more about your investment account and how to utilise all of the amazing content.
  5. We will also contact you to request details about how much exactly you want to invest, the final decision is completely up to you, we can only offer you advice and will not pressurise you to invest more than you can afford.
  6. When you have made your final decision about investing with Fifty Shades Developments, we will issue a Pro-Forma Invoice for depositing funds into your investment account.
  7. We accept a vast array of payment methods, including; Bank-To-Bank Transfer (SWIFT), Credit / Debit Card Payments, Crypto Currency, Digital E-Currencies as well as payments via transfer offices (MoneyGram and Western Union).
  8. When you have sent us the funds our Admin Team will request a copy of your passport, this is for paying the Polish Investment Tax and will also be used by the Notary for creating the 'Lien' which protects your funds.
  9. One we have received your payment, we will pay the Polish Investment Tax of 2% on your behalf. We will then issue you an official final invoice confirming that the tax has been paid. All documentation issued by Fifty Shades Developments, including your final invoice, will be uploaded to your investment account so that you can view them at any time.
  10. The final step is issuing the 'Lien' safeguarding your funds. These are issued by a Public Notary here in Poland and are legally binding documents. The 'Lien' is entered into the official 'Mortgages Register', a copy of which is held by our local authority.
  11. That is it, you are set to start earning the guaranteed profits we promised you. Your investment account profile will give you all of the key information about your investment with us such as; profit payment dates and the interest being earned.

Register Now and Start Earning More For Your Money