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Our business model has always been based on co-operating with private investors to finance developments. This strategy allows us to complete more projects per annum, while at the same time creating an impressive portfolio of properties exclusively owned by Fifty Shades Developments.

When we first began seeking private investors, we utilised the well-known websites associated to 'crowd funding'. However, these sites all typically charge high fees and often transfer investor funds using inefficient methods such as PAYPAL.

Ultimately, this then reduces investor profits as the costs of using these sites and transferring funds must be deducted from the overall client returns. Our ethos is founded on the principle of maximising profits for investment partners, objectives defeated by the high fees investors are charged via crowd funding sites.

Therefore, we decided to establish our own Peer-2-Peer platform designed solely with the investor in mind, enabling us to offer the highest returns in the industry.

Our unique Flexible Investing For All programme has two distinctive tiers catering for investors of any scale or experience level and guarantees the best possible Return On Investment (ROI).

Flexible Investing For All

Small To Medium Investors - P2P Platform

Our Peer-2-Peer (P2P) platform has been designed specifically with small to medium investors in mind, who do not even need to be experienced in property investments.

We have developed our own exclusive members website, where investors can manage their portfolio online and keep fully up to speed in terms of progress and the exceptional profits being generated.

Clients can choose how much to invest ranging from €100 to €100,000 as well as selecting between Quarterly, Bi-Annually or Annual profit payments.

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Large and Institutional Investors

The upper tier of our programme was created for larger more experienced clients as well as institutional investors.

Minimum investment is €100,000 and is capped at €20 million maximum, subject to final negotiation.

Naturally, we offer our esteemed partners preferential ROI levels which are typically 15% up to 24.5% yearly.

Investors can select between Quarterly, Bi-Annually or Annual profit payments, with a minimum investment term of twelve months.

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