Risk Warning


The purpose of this section of our website is to warn you about the risks involved when investing your funds or purchasing shares. The list of risks and warnings provided is not exhaustive and there may be other matters that you need to consider when deciding to use this website and whilst making investment decisions.

The contents below should not be viewed as investment advice or guidance of any kind. It is written in order to remind and warn you that there are risks involved when making investments.

You are only dealing with a single property developer, Fifty Shades Developments, however there are still risks involved and issues that may impact Returns On Investment.

There are no guarantees with either exchange rates or property prices in Poland, you might incur losses.

We advise you to seek professional investment advice as well as legal and tax advice before investing any funds with Fifty Shades Developments.

When investing with our company, please be aware of the following risks:

You may lose your interest payments

Fifty Shades Developments, like any other business, are vulnerable to financial difficulties and issues pertaining to cash-flow during certain times in the financial year.

Which could mean that even though we initially anticipated that we would be able to pay interest on the investment, things may change due to circumstances beyond our control, creating a situation whereby we are unable to make the interest payments that we originally promised or even at all.

However, because all investments are secured via physical property assets, which are also fully insured, if Fifty Shades Developments becomes insolvent, you will still be able to recoup the money you invested through the 'lien' we gave you when depositing your funds.

Your investment is very liquid

Liquidity is the ease with which you would be able sell your investment to someone else in order to recoup your funds. As there is a secondary market for your investment, via the resale of the property, you will be able to recover your investment.

You may request an early repayment of the funds invested, if you need the money back urgently during the agreed investment term. However, there will be a penalty fee charged, therefore, before making any investment decisions, you should assess your future financial needs.

Market risk

Please note that political or social circumstances, changes in the legal acts as well as fluctuations in the Polish property market can result in negative influences on your investment.

Legal risk

The legislative acts, administrative practice and other factors may contribute to the legal risk. The legislative acts and administrative practice regarding state supervision, assets, ownership, investment activities and taxation may change and influence the outcome of your investment.

Investing in a foreign country

Please be aware that when investing in a foreign country, you may encounter different and unfamiliar economic, political, social and legal environments.