Top South African Investors in Poland

1. Marr Holdings

2. NEPI Rockcastle Retail

3. VUKILE Property Fund

4. Redefine Properties

5. SABMiller Plc

6. Fortress REIT

7. Prime Kapital

8. Growthpoint Properties

9. Pepkor Group (Pepco)

10. Hyprop Investments

South African Investors In Poland

Unlike investors from other regions of the world, South Africans have focussed their attention on the Polish real estate sector. Over the last 4 years South African property investment has accounted for 30-40% of the total value of foreign real estate acquisitions in Poland.

The most significant of these being the purchase of two retail malls by NEPI Rockcastle Retail for €249.4 million and Redefine Properties who brought 12 retail properties in Poland for €692 million.

More than 40% of the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) listed on the South African stock-exchange have property portfolios in the CEE and most of those in Poland.

With the South African Rand constantly depreciating in value, now is the perfect time for both institutional and private investors to be placing their funds in Poland. The Polish Zloty is extremely stable, performing well against other major currencies, helping to ensure our investors earn more for their Rand.

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International News Articles

The following are a selection of news articles announcing just a few of the latest South African companies taking advantage of the amazing opportunities available in Poland.

New players rush to enter Poland’s warehouse market

“Not only Asian and European entities are interested in the Polish industrial market. In March, South-African investor Fortress REIT entered it by acquiring two logistics parks in Bydgoszcz and Stargard from Griffin Property Finance. “Fortress REIT is South Africa’s third-largest REIT and the largest owner and developer of the core, premium-grade logistics real estate. Fortress is also the largest shareholder in NEPI Rockcastle PLC, active in high-growth retail in Central and Eastern Europe.”

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The Main Pull Factors for South African Investors in Central and Eastern Europe

“Property in CEE seems to have been the biggest investment market for South African investors. South African property investors, including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), have traditionally favored domestic real estate deals. However, many of South Africa’s major real estate property investors have sought to diversify their portfolios and have looked to CEE to satisfy their appetite for yield-enhancing assets. The interest shown by South African investors in CEE can be attributed to various internal and external factors.”

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Redefine banks on Poland for fresh growth

“REDEFINE Properties is banking on logistics growth in Poland after hard lockdown restrictions locally and dividends withheld by offshore investments dampened results for the year to August 31.

“We are leveraging off operational efficiencies, making inroads in reducing our loan-to-value ratio (LTV), being ruthless rather than reckless in right-sizing our asset footprint, and are set to benefit from growth in Poland,” said Konig.

He said leasable area of 527 000 square metres in Poland had been expanded by 160 000 square metres, and there were plans to take this to well over a million square metres over a year or two.”

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SPAR: Poland

“Poland became a member of SPAR in 1995 and the first SPAR store opened in 1996. Following a series of changes to the ownership of the company, expansion and growth have been strong over the years, particularly in certain regions of the country, such as Warsaw.

Most recently, a new licence has been granted by SPAR International, which sees SPAR South Africa investing heavily in the retail chain previously trading as Piotr i Paweł.”

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