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The Secret To Our Success

We utilise our unique market knowledge and decades of experience to select the best development opportunities available, ensuring that investors achieve maximum returns on their funds.

Our technique in choosing developments is on focussed two key market segments, Starter Homes and Short-Term Holiday Lets; sectors with proven high levels of demand.

There are four specific factors influencing the need for this type of property within Poland, which when combined, are the Secret To Our Success. They are also the reason we are able to offer investment partners well above average profits.

1. Returning Migrant Workers

Polish workers who left the country for higher incomes in other parts of Europe are now returning home due to the excellent salaries and job security available in Poland. However, their tastes and living expectations have changed, they are now accustomed to western European lifestyles, most having lived in Germany or the UK.

When looking for their new Polish home they want modern and stylish apartments with ‘state of the art’ appliances.

Our CEO (Julianna Strocka) understands this requirement better than anybody having spent her early formative years living in South Africa, followed by 18 years in London. She fully appreciates the demands of those returning to Poland and entering the property market.

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2. More First Time Buyers Than Ever Before

Increases in minimum wages, higher salaries for professionals and greater job security means that more people than ever before are now wanting to take a step onto the property ladder.

Meaning that those who can meet the banks strict criteria are seeking affordable properties, whilst most are still forced into the rental sector.

Our developments specifically target both of these markets, creating economical homes for first-time buyers and great apartments to rent.

3. Influx of Foreign Workers - Increasing Year-On-Year

Due to labour shortages and an ageing workforce in Poland, companies are recruiting hordes of foreign workers, with the number of work permits issued constantly rising for the last 5 years.

During 2019 alone 444,738 new work permits were issued, all of whom will need a place to live when they arrive in Poland.

Typically these employees are on temporary short-term contracts and as such will be looking to the rental market for a place to stay.

We focus our projects in southern industrialised areas of the country where there is a high uptake on apartments by foreign workers.

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4. Booming Polish Tourism Industry

The Polish tourism industry is ‘booming’ with visitors increasing by circa 2-3 million each year.

Demand for quality accommodation in popular resort centres, such as Czarna Góra, far exceeds current supply, forcing tourists to endure overcrowding or look further afield for holiday lets.

Our leisure division aims to bridge this huge shortfall via developing entire complexes within the most sought-after tourist destinations. This approach and a unique eye for success guarantees high occupancy levels all year round.